Manufacturer - LED advertising and information displays. LED BOARDS - ADVERTISING AND INFORMATION DISPLAYS

Manufacturer - LED advertising and information displays.


We have introduced new models of electronic displays.
As usual, they are manufactured in two types:
TEXT - ensures ease, simplicity and quick text input.
GRAPHICS & TEXT - showing text and graphic with additional animation options.


The FAQ section contains additional information about the differences between the models.

If you are unsure or do not know which model of infopanel to choose to your business - feel free to contact us directly.

As a manufacturer and supplier of such equipment we are able to tailor our products to your needs. We can propose some other or a specific technical solution.       

Tired of boring ads ?

* Want to show appreciably ad company or just send a warning - InfoPanel is the ideal solution for you.

* InfoPanel is increasingly used in retail sales, in restaurants, exchange offices, branch stores, car washes, pubs, clubs, lotto outlets, lounges, real estate offices and hotels.

* In a company or factory would serve to provide safety instruction, promote corporate events and production targets, zoom in integration with the plant employees, as well as proclaim birthdays and other anniversaries.

Features are numerous and depend largely on the  user invention.


- you can easily enter your own texts

- you can change them quickly and often 

- legibility and visibility even from a few hundred meters

- attract attention in an interesting and conspicuous manner 

- displaying the date, time and optionaly temperature 

- produced in different dimensions - also in the specific contract





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